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Our Food Philosophy

We believe in making great food easy to get. That means we source our fresh foods from responsible local farms and dairies, sustainable fisheries, and artisans we know, because we want our customer to be confident in the quality of what we sell. It means that we have our customer's favorite brands, because when you know what you want, only the tried and true will do.

That's where you come in

We want great food from great people–great farmers, fishermen, artisans, chefs, and producers who believe in great taste. Use this self-service tool as a way to connect with our internal teams. With your collaboration we will be able to better deliver your product to our customer.


The latest and greatest from your friends at FreshDirect

From Olive to Olio Novello

From olive to olio novello – watch the journey of how we sourced a unique olio novello (new oil) exclusive to FreshDirect. Warning: This video is going to make you want to drizzle olive oil on everything!

Fresh Adventure: Sourcing Olio Novello

Our team of sourcing experts traveled to Sicily, where they hand-picked our own custom blend of olives to make a unique olio novello (new oil) exclusive to FreshDirect.

Blueber-Brie Grilled Cheese

Featuring a new way to grill your cheese! To your sandwich, add brie, blueberries, and mint for a fresh take on grilled cheese.